Full Stack Engineer

I'm a Full Stack Engineer and I love creating exciting websites. I have experience working in the front end, back end, and database. I've built several sites in PHP, MySQL, and C# in the back end and along with Javascript and React in the front end. My experiences include full fledged websites, customizations for existing websites, and customized utilities for employees.

I've also integrated several features into existing (legacy) codebases. For example, CreditTrack is a proprietary software for commercial loan origination and I added extensions to the core functionality. I've also worked with Orange County Transportation Agency's website, which used a legacy CMS system.

One of my largest projects was a Document Upload Portal for Credit Track. The Document Upload Portal was fully built using C#.NET, which used token authentication for login. The documents were directly integrated into our proprietary software.

In the front end, I'm well-versed in HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, and ASP Web Forms. I've created API requests and responses as well as all types of functionality across front end, back end, and database. For an example of front end, see Ipsum Galore's codebase.

For database work, I've written dozens of stored procedures for production databases. I have experience in SQL Server, MySQL, and Entity Framework.

I have a wide range of experience and I would love to chat with you about how I could help your company meet its goals. Please contact me for more information.



Credit Track, Commercial Loan Origination


Commerical Loan Origination software used in banks of $30bn+ and created features to streamline workflows.
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First Scoops, where the first impression is the only impression.

First Scoops

We review the first chapter of novels. At First Scoops, the first impression is the only impression.
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Ipsum Galore, The Open-Source Lorem Ipsum Generator.

Ipsum Galore

An open-sourced Lorem Ipsum generator with a growing number of themes.
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Metrolink Trip Generator


Managed the Metrolink site and created the Trip Generator utility, which services thousands of riders daily.
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Motion Mail, Coundown Timer Creators


Managed the MotionMail backend which serves thousands of countdown timers.
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Siebert Financial Blog

Siebert's Blog

Created the backend for the blog and managed the main site.
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